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20VC: Why Small Funds Outperform Massive Funds & AUM is a Self-importance Metric | Why 99% of Investments in AI Startups Will Go To Zero | Being a “Traction First” VC & Investing Classes from Investing in Canva and Lacking Figma with Nikhil Basu-Trivedi

Posted on sixth September 2023 by Harry

Nikhil Basu Trivedi is Co-Founder & Normal Companion at Footwork, an early-stage centered enterprise agency investing its first fund. In his enterprise profession, he has invested within the early rounds of a number of firms which have exited or are presently valued at over $1B, together with Athelas, Canva, ClassDojo, Shade Well being, Body.io, Imperfect Meals, Lattice, and The Farmer’s Canine. Previous to Footwork, Nikhil was a Managing Director at Shasta Ventures, on the funding crew at Perception Companions, and on the founding crew at Artsy.

In At the moment’s Episode with Nikhil Basu Trivedi We Talk about:

1. From Summer time Intern to Founding a Agency: The 13 Yr Journey:

  • How did Nikhil first make his method into enterprise as an intern at Perception Companions in NYC?
  • What does Nikhil know now that he needs he had recognized on his first day in enterprise?
  • Why does Nikhil advise all younger VCs to “not have a look at their enterprise card”? Why does title not matter in enterprise?
  • Ought to founders meet with Juniors in addition to GPs and extra senior individuals?

2. Small Funds Outperform Massive Funds:

  • Why does Nikhil imagine that small funds outperform massive funds?
  • Why is AUM the largest bullshit metric in VC?
  • How does Nikhil advise seed stage founders who’ve affords from seed companies for smaller rounds at decrease valuations and are weighing them in opposition to bigger rounds with increased valuations from multi-stage funds?
  • Does Nikhil imagine that platform value-added companies actually present any worth?

3. The Artwork of Investing:

  • What has been Nikhil’s greatest investing win? How has it modified his strategy to investing?
  • How does Nikhil prioritize between individuals, traction, and market? What’s most essential?
  • What has been Nikhil’s greatest investing miss? How has that modified his strategy?
  • Does Nikhil imagine the good founders are instantly apparent?
  • Why is market measurement the one query that retains Nikhil up probably the most?

4. The Dysfunctions of Enterprise Capital:

  • What are the one greatest areas of misalignment between GP and LP?
  • What do many GPs see and know effectively that LPs ought to know and see extra of?
  • What are the largest ways in which decision-making breaks down in a enterprise fund?
  • Why does Nikhil imagine that a lot of the funding in AI goes to go up in flames?


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