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Assessment of trades of the Owl Good Ranges technique for the week from August 14 to 18, 2023 – My Buying and selling – 20 August 2023

Immediately I current you an outline of trades made utilizing the Owl technique – sensible ranges for the EURUSD, GBPUSD and AUDUSD forex pairs for the week from August 14 to 18, 2023. A ample variety of trades have been opened in all property, though most of them needed to be closed on the indicator sign concerning the change of the development.

For comfort and well timed receipt of alerts I take advantage of the Owl Good Ranges Indicator. The principle buying and selling timeframe is M15, whereas the H1 and H4 timeframes are used to verify the development path of the upper timeframe.


EURUSD assessment

Half of Monday the market was within the lifeless zone, and the primary sign to open a commerce on EURUSD for promoting was given by the Owl Good Ranges indicator nearer to the night.

Fig. 1. EURUSD SELL 0.05, OpenPrice = 1.09266, StopLoss = 1.09591, TakeProfit = 1.08214, Revenue = $7.94.

The commerce was closed in response to the indicator sign after many hours and nonetheless introduced minimal revenue.

All Tuesday and most of Wednesday the market was within the lifeless zone, which lasted additionally within the second half of Thursday.

However on Friday a worthwhile commerce was opened from the very morning.

Fig. 2. EURUSD SELL 0.22, OpenPrice = 1.08856, StopLoss = 1.08925, TakeProfit = 1.08632, Revenue = $48.70.

The one commerce closed in response to the set limits ended with a revenue of $48, which is such a favourite worth of the indicator.


GBPUSD assessment

The Owl Good Ranges indicator supplied to open half of the entire variety of trades on the GBPUSD asset, which isn’t so typically giving a chance to open trades over the past buying and selling week.

Fig. 3. GBPUSD SELL 0.13, OpenPrice = 1.26830, StopLoss = 1.26947, TakeProfit = 1.26452, Revenue = -$1.28.

The indicator gave the sign concerning the necessity to shut this commerce prematurely and the losses have been decreased to nearly zero. However when closing the following commerce in the same state of affairs, the loss was barely higher.

Fig. 4. GBPUSD SELL 0.04, OpenPrice = 1.26760, StopLoss = 1.27135, TakeProfit = 1.25548, Revenue = -$7.92.

Sadly (or fortuitously, as you’ll be able to see), all subsequent trades needed to be closed on the indicator’s prompting, as the worth motion modified its path unpredictably.


Fig. 5. GBPUSD BUY 0.09, OpenPrice = 1.27330, StopLoss = 1.27168, TakeProfit = 1.27854, Revenue = -$10.56.

This commerce, in addition to many others final week, was closed by the indicator sign with a lack of 10$.

The final sign on the asset was acquired on Friday at 21:30 terminal time for purchasing, however earlier than closing the weekly trades it’s higher to not open any extra trades, because the Owl Good Ranges buying and selling technique doesn’t present for carrying positions by way of the weekend and all trades ought to be closed on Friday night.


AUDUSD assessment

The Owl Good Ranges indicator signaled a chance to open a commerce for promoting AUDUSD on Monday morning.


Fig. 6. AUDUSD SELL 0.09, OpenPrice = 0.64803, StopLoss = 0.64964, TakeProfit = 0.64283, Revenue = -$14.25.

The losses have been minimized, however nonetheless they turned out to be tangible, minus 14$.

The second half of Monday and Tuesday have been within the lifeless zone. The worth motion within the second half of Wednesday and Thursday was additionally within the lifeless zone. On this regard, Owl Good Ranges didn’t give any extra alerts about potential trades on AUDUSD.



So, the market volatility didn’t favor buying and selling and it may be seen by such indicator because the variety of closed trades on the indicator sign concerning the change of development.

There have been 6 trades over the past buying and selling week, and solely two of them have been worthwhile. As standard, the profitability of worthwhile trades exceeded the quantity of loss, so the ultimate desk reveals a reasonably modest however constructive results of buying and selling.

We’ll see how the commerce will appear like and the way the market will behave, in addition to what trades Owl Good Ranges will provide us to open on Monday, in the course of the upcoming buying and selling week.

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I am Sergei Ermolovcomply with me and do not miss extra helpful instruments for worthwhile buying and selling on Forex.



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