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coldstorage – Bitcoin Core lacking public key when producing PSBT transaction

I take advantage of Bitcoin Core for offline signing. I created a legacy watch-only pockets, imported a public key utilizing importpubkey, then known as rescanblockchain, then generated a psbt transaction textual content(psbt_tx_txt), and eventually efficiently signed offline with my Bitcoin Core signing shopper.

Nevertheless, if I restart the Bitcoin Core watch-only shopper, the psbt_tx_txt fails:

After restarting Bitcoin Core watch-only shopper, and producing the identical psbt_tx_txt once more, analyzing it with analyzepsbt, it prompts lacking pubkey:

  "inputs": [
      "has_utxo": true,
      "is_final": false,
      "next": "updater",
      "missing": {
        "pubkeys": [
  "payment": 0.00001100,
  "subsequent": "updater"

However once I question the handle data with getaddressinfo, the general public key’s precisely included in it:

  "handle": "bc1......",
  "scriptPubKey": "......",
  "ismine": false,
  "solvable": true,
  "desc": "wpkh(......)#l8qyd3u4",
  "iswatchonly": true,
  "isscript": false,
  "iswitness": true,
  "witness_version": 0,
  "witness_program": "......",
  "pubkey": "a_PUBLIC_KEY",
  "ischange": false,
  "timestamp": 1,
  "labels": [

If I take advantage of the psbt_tx_txt to signal on the signing shopper, the bitcoin core shopper prompts: transaction is lacking some details about inputs.

Because of this each time I create an offline signed transaction, I must create a pockets, importpubkey,and rescanblockchain.

I feel the general public key ought to be capable of be inserted into the psbt_tx_txt, subsequent time I can simply create the psbt, am I lacking one thing?



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