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Experimental Mining Help in Zebra

Experimental Mining Help in Zebra
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Zebra can now generate block templates, so mining pool operators can use it as a backend for his or her mining operations. We’ve efficiently mined blocks on Testnet utilizing block templates generated by Zebra (with a fork of s-nomp appearing as a mining pool) however didn’t have any hash energy to mine blocks on Mainnet. We might due to this fact like to ask any mining pool operators or solo miners to strive Zebra and tell us on our Discord or the Zcash Group Boards about the way it performs (and whether or not their earnings have elevated!).

 Teor, one of our engineers, was the first who mined the first block on Testnet using Zebra.

Teor, one in every of our engineers, mined the primary block on Testnet with Zebra


Temporary Technical Background

Zebra implements the getblocktemplate RPC along with its related RPCs. You will discover the directions for mining in The Zebra E-book. In a nutshell, it is advisable to compile Zebra with the getblocktemplate-rpcs characteristic flag and regulate the config file to fit your setup. You will discover the really useful system necessities right here. The Zebra E-book additionally incorporates different helpful particulars. For instance, you may allow metrics by way of Prometheus and Grafana.

With every Zebra launch, together with our common Docker photographs, we additionally publish ones which have the .experimental suffix of their identify. These photographs allow you to immediately run Zebra with mining assist enabled. You possibly can learn extra about them within the docs right here. In the event you’re compiling Zebra your self, you may allow freshly applied terminal-based progress bars that can allow you to simply see Zebra’s syncing standing and a bunch of different metrics straight from the terminal.


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