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hack – When storing ones seed electronically, why retailer the seed phrase relatively than the integer?

It’s reported that some folks saved the seed phrase for wallets together with bitcoin on lastpass. This seems to have allowed attackers to brute pressure the encryption and achieve entry to the keys.

My understanding is a seed phrase it designed to be a strategy to backup a quantity within the vary 1 – 2^132 that’s immune to transcription errors. This makes it appropriate for a backup technique that entails writing it on a bit of paper. Nevertheless it appears very removed from optimum is one is storing it electronically, the place there isn’t any threat of transcription errors. Specifically it appears to be like like a seed phrase if somebody come throughout it, but additionally the inefficiency of information storage makes brute pressure assaults a lot simpler. Had these folks saved the seed as a quantity relatively than a sequence of phrases it appears probably they might not have misplaced their cash.

Why do folks retailer the seed phrase electronically relatively than simply storing the integer?



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