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op return – How you can File Promo Codes from website on the Bitcoin Blockchain?

I am exploring the potential of recording promo codes on the Bitcoin blockchain for added transparency and immutability. Particularly, I need to report promo codes from this web site.

I perceive that the Bitcoin blockchain can be utilized to retailer small quantities of arbitrary information utilizing strategies like OP_RETURN. Nonetheless, I am undecided about the most effective strategy to do that, particularly contemplating the information dimension limitations and potential prices.

  • How can I convert and put together the promo codes for embedding in a
    Bitcoin transaction?

    What are the steps to embed this information utilizing OP_RETURN or every other
    appropriate technique?

    Are there any concerns or challenges I ought to concentrate on,
    particularly regarding the dimension of the information and transaction charges?

    As soon as embedded, how can I retrieve the promo codes from the


Any insights or steerage could be drastically appreciated!



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