Right this moment in expertise teams they all the time say that bitcoin is only a foreign money, an idea of digital cash. However the issue with such an announcement for different individuals just isn’t contemplating that bitcoin is a community protocol for digital cash and never simply the idea of digital cash. Initially, as a result of, bitcoin is a community protocol, because it implements a variety of issues like BIPS (Bitcoin Proposals), on this case there’s a standardization and due to this fact the categorization of bitcoin is a community protocol, though individuals say which is is only a digital foreign money.

I learn these questions, and I’ve doubts:

My query is:
  • Bitcoin a community protocol or is it only a idea of an encrypted foreign money?
Comply with-up questions that will or might not be answered
  • Can there be cryptocurrencies with out a community?
  • Are they various things: community protocol, idea of an encrypted foreign money?
  • what are the traits of a community protocol?
  • Can these traits be relevant to bitcoin?

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